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Guide for Video Lessons

This portal presents you the Advanced Level Applied Maths Course Material as a series of video lessons which are being conducted at Dekma Higher Educational Institute, Matara.

As following the correct order of the lessons is very important for their understanding, I advise you to refer to the Course Order before making your selection. Similar to your studies at school or any other tuition class, please ensure that you are equipped with necessary stationery material before commencement of the lesson. I advise you to sit and listen carefully to each lesson video and take notes as being instructed.

For some lessons’ questions, you will require to download certain tutorials from this portal as being guided and sometimes you will require to note down the questions forwarded by me in the video. After writing down the question, you should pause the video and try to solve the question on your own, taking enough time as you require. Afterwards, resume the video and learn and understand the correct steps and/or any mistakes of your own solution or your attempt to answer.

I strongly advise you not to take any breaks within one video time span of each lesson as it may cause distractions to your concentration. If you follow my above instructions accurately, I can guarantee you that Applied Maths will be your easiest and favorite subject of all times.

If you are unable to watch the videos of on your device, please check the following in order;
- Make sure you are not using the website in incognito mode
- If still cannot watch the videos, then please clear the cache of your browser of your device
- If it fails too, please update the browser of your device
- If still cannot watch the videos, please try installing the app “Zen player” from the Google Play Store and after you install, try playing the videos through this app (Link for the app download   : )
- If that fails as well, please try on another device (preferably a laptop)

Model Papers and Marking Schemes

This portal contains Advance Level Applied Maths Course related model exam papers and their marking schemes which are originally being conducted at Dekma Higher Education Institute, Matara.

I strongly advise you to attempt to answer the questions within the mentioned time frame in the model exam paper and upon completion, you can mark the answers as per according to each relevant marking scheme provided in this portal.

Guide for Payments

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o VISA/Master/AMEX/DISCOVER/Diners Club Cards
o Genie/eZCash/FriMi Accounts
o Sampath VISHWA Account
- Through HNB payment gateway, you can make payments via your online banking activated;
o Any VISA/Master Cards (not limited to HNB Bank Accounts)

Course Order

  • 1.
    Rectilinear Motion (Graphs of Motion)
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Coplanar Force Systems
  • 4.
    Equilibrium of Smooth Rigid Bodies
  • 5.
    Equilibrium of Rough Rigid Bodies (Friction)
  • 6.
    Frameworks of Light Rods
  • 7.
    Frameworks of Heavy Rods
  • 8.
    Relative Motion
  • 9.
    Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • 10.
  • 11.
    Impulse and Momentum
  • 12.
    Elastic Impacts
  • 13.
    Work and Power
  • 14.
    Circular Motion
  • 15.
    Simple Harmonic Motion
  • 16.
    Center of Gravity
  • 17.
  • 18.
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